Day 30/365 Cayenne blossom

Nikon D5100 F/5,6 1/160s ISO 200

Nikon D5100
ISO 200


7 thoughts on “Day 30/365 Cayenne blossom

  1. Sher, I always read other comments:) I find it very interesting how people think about the same thing or image…Thank you so much for the compliment! I always shoot in manual mode…this lens is very limited but it’s not that bad…I’m saving money for something better…until then I will be trying my best:)

  2. I feel like I’m eavesdropping but I found the conversation between you and Maria interesting and helpful ^.^ I think this is a great image, and I definitely like the surrounding white space. I think so far I’ve been shooting with the same kind of camera and kit lens as you are Moyca but I am regularly impressed with your images! I probably mentioned this before but I think you have a great eye! I am not surprised to read that you’ve studied art, as there definitely seems to be an artistic side to your photos. I really like that! 🙂

  3. Thank you Maria! Actually I was surprised how this shot turned out! The plant is standing on a window shelf and I didn’t want anything in the background so did it from below…the sky was grey-white that’s why everything is so white…more than I expected…it really looks like I did it in a lightbox. I did some shots with the plant more to the right but it wasn’t good at all…I was also thinking about more close up photo but unfortunately my lens doesn’t have the capacity…this blossom is very small… That leaf at the top of the photo is very distracting and I even cut it out first…but my moto is: I shoot raw, manual and I don’t crop:) so I left it there to remind me for the next time:) Thank you so much for analyzing my photo! You have such a good eye so I appreciate it very much!!!

    • Wow, that is cool that it was a window; I definitely thought it was a lightbox. I almost suggested a wider aperture for a more shallow dof, but I knew you were probably already shooting as wide as possible. (At least if Nikon kit lenses are similar to Canon, and I think they are). No cropping. I think that is a good rule to force you to compose exactly how you want on camera. I don’t think I could pull that off as a rule all the time as it seems I am constantly trying to take photos around toys, etc in my messy house, but I might do that as a challenge some week. I do also like the idea that you can look back and see your improvement. I kinda go back and forth with editing vs sooc for me right now for the same reasons as your no crop rule, but I figure I will have to learn editing sometime and it might as well be while I’ m taking at least one photo per day. And I’m sure I’ll still look back and see improvement where I could have editing differently or over- edited in some ways while I learn.

      • Yesterday I was looking at some pictures in National Geographic (on their site)…they have a section ‘Your shot’ and you can upload your photos…I read the rules and it really hit me…they have very strict editing rules…their ‘moto’ is also no cropping, no cutting things out…however the photo should look pretty much as it was in the first place…of course you can edit some coloring, exposure etc. because raw files don’t look so attractive, but that is pretty much all…I’ve changed my mind to upload:) I’ll wait for a few more months…or more:)
        I was also thinking about old slr cameras…I still have one and it’s fun to look at all those photos that you’ve photographed:)…you can’t crop or edit…
        I’m also a little bit obsessed with composition:) I was studying art in secondary school and we had composition lessons all the time. I’m very strict to my work…too much sometimes:)…most of the time:)
        And yes, Nikon kit lens (18 – 55mm f/3.5 – 5.6) is not a joy to shoot with but it’s also not so bad…I’m very grateful for this kit (my mom bought it to me for my birthday)…

  4. Moyca, this is really pretty. I love the light! Was this with a lightbox? Also, I really like the focus and it’s tack sharp. Have you thought about moving the plant to the right a little so the bloom was in the bottom right intersection and creating a little more negative space to the left? As it is right now there is a plant joint and some leaves falling on that intersection point which is a little distracting from the focal point. Or, if that makes for some awkward crops, maybe composing using a portrait orientation instead of landscape so that the bloom is in the bottom third, drawing the eye in. Just a thought. Although, it’s really a nitpicky thought because this is a beautiful image, but you have been really helpful in critiquing my photos and said you’d like me to feel free to do the same.

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