Day 59/365 Orchid

Nikon D5100 F/8 20s ISO 100

Nikon D5100
ISO 100


2 thoughts on “Day 59/365 Orchid

  1. I like that you tried the orchid again with different settings this time and a little wider depth of focus. I also like the bud in the bottom left corner giving balance to the orchid bloom. What was the focal length here? I’m kinda struggling on the chopped petal in this photo and whether I would have zoomed out a little and tried to fit the whole petal in, left even more of it out of the frame if I couldn’t get the whole petal in (cropping it even more- in camera b/c I know you don’t really crop), or if I really do prefer it just as you have it composed. Anyway it is really a beautiful photo.

    • Thank you Maria!:) The focal length was 50mm. I’ve tried other compositions but only this one worked for me…I think if I didn’t ‘chop’ the petal on the right side, the photo would be out of balance…

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