8 thoughts on “Day 76/365 Old Town

  1. Wow, it really does look like the movie! This is a very cool shot capturing the great older architecture. Moyca, when you take shots like this, do you use any sort of dof calculator? I have notice you shoot f/8 on these a lot, I’m guessing since this is a very sharp aperture? I’m, just curious about your thought process and how you decide which aperture to use on these types of large landscape shots.

    • Maria, my husband gave me a Scott Kelby book for Christmas…in that book he’s talking (a lot) about sharp photos and how to take them…one thing is, that every lens has the sharpest aperture in one point and you should use that if you want to have sharp photos. In my case it’s from F/8 to F/11, dof 35mm…and of course the lowest ISO possible and a tripod…I wanted to buy a new lens first, but I’ve changed my mind, because he said that without a tripod forget about sharp photos…a new lens will have to wait for a while…

      • Bryan Peterson also talks about this in “Understanding Exposure.” Apparently f/8 and f/11 are usually the sharpest aperture settings for most lenses. He calls these “so what” apertures…as in… if you aren’t looking to capture a ton of dof (f/22) or looking to isolate your subject by shooting wide, or if everything is on the same focal plane (your wall photo comes to mind) then it doesn’t matter what aperture you use…it’s “so what,” so you should use one of the “so what” apertures as they will give you the sharpest result in these instances. I hope I paraphrased him well. Maybe you have read that one, too.

        • No I haven’t…but I agree with that…I think it’s great to have that kind of knowledge, that you know exactly what to do to capture exactly what you want…and not think too much:))…that’s my biggest problem:) Sometimes braking rules makes photography even more interesting:)

  2. I love this! It reminds me of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the original movie not the remake. Beautiful! How high up were you to take this? Were you in a building?

    • Thanks Melissa:) Oh…I checked and you are right…the town really looks like the one in the movie:) I was standing on the hill…btw…I like that movie:))

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