3 thoughts on “Day 103/365 Tea time

    • Hahaha…you caught me:)) There wasn’t any tea in the teapot this time…It’s been raining for the last two days and I didn’t know what to photograph, so I made this composition:)
      But my husband is actually a great fan of tea! He is a specialist! He orders green tea directly from China…That is all I know…I don’t drink green tea because it makes me nauseous…:(

      • BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That’s too funny!!!!!! I completely understand!!!!!! I have a friend who is just like your husband when it comes to tea!!!!! That’s great!!!! Oooo, yeah, stay away from green tea then. I’ve been cautious with it since I’m prone to nausea, but so far I’m ok with it. Funny story, thanks for sharing!!! :0)

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