Day 210/365 Yummy cherry

Nikon D5100 F/5,6 1/125s ISO 400

Nikon D5100
ISO 400


8 thoughts on “Day 210/365 Yummy cherry

  1. Moyca, I really really like your composition here and I love the rain drops…they really make this interesting, fresh, and make that cherry look even more delicious. My eye is drawn a little to the leaf in the foreground since it is so bright…I like it in the comp b/c it adds depth and the leaves are framing the cherry. I think perhaps I would have used the adjustment brush on that leaf to selectively lower the exposure and very slightly lower the saturation and move the tint to add more green (to make it less bright and it matched the other leaves). Also, after that perhaps, I would have increased the overall exposure or selectively increased it on the cherry, just slightly, to really make it pop and call attention to the raindrop. I know that may be a lot of adjustment work, but it’s just a thought…please, please feel free to give me cc and suggestions on my photos, too. I really appreciate your eye and suggestions.

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