Day 345/365 Ducks

Nikon D5100 F/5,6 1/800s ISO 100

Nikon D5100
ISO 100


5 thoughts on “Day 345/365 Ducks

  1. When I saw this picture on Facebook yesterday, right after I posted my photo, I started laughing because you and I both took pictures of birds!!! Different kinds, but still: birds!!! Did you feed the ducks?? Looks like such a pretty spot!!!!

    • It was obviously a bird day 🙂 We were just passing by…they were swimming in a pool in front of an old house…I said (to my husband) stop! I have to take some pictures!! They were so cute and friendly…if I could, I would kiss them all ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Awww, your husband is kind to stop for you!!! 🙂 that’s so sweet for you!!!! Haha, sounds like you love ducks!!! Do you take your camera everywhere you go??? I don’t take mine anywhere unless it’s a special event. I’m always snapping photos with my phone, though!!!

        • Who doesn’t love ducks?? 🙂 I don’t take my camera everywhere anymore…it was such a beautiful warm saturday and we decided to go somewhere out of the city to countryside 🙂 I love nature (without tourists)…
          My phone is not good enough for taking photos…

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