About me

My name is Mojca (pronounced moyca). I live in Slovenia, a very small European country. Art and design have been a huge part of my life since my very young age and they still are…I have studied Fashion design in high school and later Art Pedagogy at Faculty of education in Ljubljana (I didn’t graduate though:)…

I have never been very much interested in photography, but this year (2013) my mom bought me a camera…Nikon D5100…now I’m hooked:) I also have an ‘oldie’ Praktica L (film camera-SLR) which I love…you never know what you’re gonna get until photos are developed:)

I am a perfectionist and very strict about a composition, that is why I never crop my photos. I shoot in manual mode, raw and I edit in Lightroom as little as possible…

You are very welcome to my blog…feel free to comment, critique or anything…:)


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